Introduction to a Project: Welcome 2013


Every year I kind of feel pressured to make a New Year’s resolution but very rarely do I follow through. I don’t like making one up just because I feel the obligation.  Yet throughout the year I find myself thinking, “Oh, I should do more of that,” or “I have always wanted to…” or “I wish I made more time for…” Sometimes I make a commitment to act on that thought. More often than not, I don’t.

So this year, when the resolution time came again I asked myself what would inspire me to make a resolution and stick with it. I decided I didn’t want deadlines (other than the end of the year) and I didn’t want to make myself do something consistently on schedule. I wanted freedom, choices, and something to look forward to.

And I probably needed a checklist.

And friends.

So this blog project is what I came up with. I would resolve to do fun things and write about my journeys and discoveries. Maybe I can lure a few friends to join the the blogging experience, too? That way we could all see the efforts of one another and keep each other going.

So here is me starting. For 2013 I am resolving to:

  1. Explore someplace new. After four years in Indiana I am still learning my city and the surrounding states. I may as well knock off of those “Places to Visit” entries.
  2. Learn a lesson from two inspiring people. Maybe it’s through a book, an article, or Wikipedia. But I want to know about their lives and use that to inform/change my actions/goals/world view.
  3. Read four classic books. There is always a long list of books going. Sometimes the popular fiction strong arms its way into my hands. But what about more Dickens? More Austen? More Shakespeare?
  4. Expand my recipe collection. Maybe I can aim for six new recipes. That’s one every two months. I can handle that.
  5. Get selfishly creative. I love making things. I have new projects often. But  I am not sure when I sat down to create something just because. Maybe this means sitting and sketching for a short period. Maybe it’s creating a series of photos. Maybe it’s writing a poem. It will not be making cards for classroom teachers or designing artwork for the kid’s room…although those will be done, too. It will be for me and for no reason. Maybe I can find a dozen times in the year to do this?
  6. Reconnect. We all need to do it. I have a tendency to be very home bound though I love connecting. I’m just lazy. I let others come to me. So once a month-ish there will be some sort of connection whether by writing or calling or meeting face-to-face.

Yeah. I was hesitant to make any resolution and then I came up with six. If you join in, please don’t feel obligated to do more than one. I would say just stick to ground rules like:

  • Choose something you WANT to do.
  • Build in some time flexibility.
  • Be forgiving.
  • Keep us updated on your progress.

Happy 2013. See you in the days to come!

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