I’ve got the help…

…but now I have to narrow down the choices.


I asked friends for classic book recommendations rather than rely on my own to-read list.  Boy, did they come through! I didn’t doubt their ability but I didn’t anticipate the difficulty of narrowing it down. Do I choose ones that I know have been on my to-read list? Do I choose ones that sound like they should be? Should I go with something I’ve never actually heard of? I have at least four classics to read this year according to my resolution. I may have to choose to read more with all the suggestions I have now. Thank goodness for Goodreads.

Maybe I’ll start with what I am not choosing.

1. To Kill a Mockingbird – Why? Read it in middle school. Loved it. Read it in college. Loved it. Read it as an official adult. Loved it again. No doubt my favorite book of all time.

2. Little Women – I received this book as a present when I was about nine. I finally read it all the way through for the first time three years ago. Why did it take me so long?

3. & 4. The Sun Also Rises & Brave New World – I read these, too. Although, I don’t remember liking them. Maybe I was too young and should give them another try?

To help me narrow things down, I’ve split up the remainder of my recommendations into three lists. I think I’ll read one from each list. Book four may be a second one from the “Know Little” list because sometimes you have to venture into the unknown to discover new things.

So, your turn again…WHICH book from each list? Please take the polls below to help this girl out.  Feel free to make your case for a book in the comments if you feel as if my life would not be complete without one of these.



On a related note…NOT having read some of these makes me wonder about the choices of my high school lit teachers.  I mean…NOT reading The Scarlet Letter?


  1. You have to read Cadide. It is one of the most hilarious books ever and you’ve got some real downers on your lists, you’ll need to pick-me-up. Plus, you’ll totally vibe with the moral of the story.

    1. Noted. I’m going to see how things play out with the voting. Maybe I will read the top-voted and the one with the best case made for it. “Totally vib(ing) with the moral of the story” may just be the best-case so far. Stay tuned.

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