Cleaning and Sorting and Tossing, Oh My!

by Jennifer

So far this month my efforts have been centered around clearing out the things we have too much of, sorting what we are going to keep and finding better ways to keep the house clean. Sounds pretty boring but wait, it really can be a very freeing experience! Really! No joke! I have to admit that this creates chaos and for this family chaos is BAD! For OCDish me, it makes me crazy to have clutter all over. For “transitions are hard for me” LaLa it can cause major anxiety. For sensory-sensitive Topher it’s just overwhelming.


in the end we will have an organized, clutter-free, naturally cleaned home that makes us all feel better!

What I have completed so far to make this a reality?

First: I sorted through four years of professional pictures (dance, sports, school and just regular visits to our favorite photography studio.) Let’s just say that the stack was over 6″ tall and leave it at that! Once that was done it was time to collect everything necessary to get those photos into albums. After sale shopping at Michael’s I have the albums and decorative papers ready to go.

Second: I started working my way through all the boxes of toys in the playroom and basement. This task will take some stamina as there are way too many to attack at one time.

Third: I have been madly pinning all kinds of natural cleaning tips to use instead of chemicals. I have cleared out the cleaning supplies and replaced them with the following:


On the surface it doesn’t seem like much but each box sorted, each picture placed in an album and every spray of vinegar is creating a better home for the people I love and that is no small thing.


  1. Ooh, ooh, ooh. One of my “recipe” posts is green-er cleaning solutions that I just made up at the first of the year. I want to see what you came up with and maybe we can swap ideas. So far I am a fan of my shower, carpet, and all purpose cleaner. I have yet to use the dusting solution and glass cleaner.

    1. I’m a bit cautious of the dusting recipe, I keep thinking that will encourage the four-legged animals to lick whatever I dust which would just be gross! I love the baby oil for metal surfaces, it makes them shiny as well as smells good. I just pinned a recipe for cleaning out a drain or disposal, going to try that next. I’m also interested in the homemade dishwasher packets…

    2. So far I LOVE the hydrogen peroxide for the sinks. I keep a bottle by the sink in each bathroom & the kitchen. Everytime I use the sink I give it a little spray and boy are they clean!

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