Honeybee Tasking?

by Jennifer

I am the kind of person that has always started a task and completed it before moving on to another.

As a single person, and also as part of a married couple I was still able to make my single task method work. Then came my sweet O. Okay, things had to be rearranged a bit but since my primary focus was taking care of her I could still carry on as usual. Then my Topher joined the family and the single task idea was getting a bit more challenging but still do-able. Then came major Adrenal Fatigue. That just made me so tired that one task a day was about all I could manage! Now both kids are in school full-time and my fatigue is under control so one would think I could merrily continue with my one-task mentality.


one would be WRONG!

I find myself struggling to complete anything without ending up angry, or frustrated, or just giving up and knitting instead. As much as I love to knit (the kids can attest to that) that is no way to successfully maintain a happy home. I needed to gracefully concede defeat and try something new.

I am going to call my new method of accomplishing my tasks as Honeybee Tasking. Honeybee Tasking? What the heck does that mean? Bees are busy all day gathering nectar from hundreds of flowers but they don’t spend too long at any one, and sometimes they go back to the same one several times before heading to a different clump of flowers and starting that special bee dance all over again. I know this because the patch of wildflowers in our back yard attracted plenty of bees and butterflies this summer and I spent many lovely afternoons watching them. So instead of focusing on each task I am going to start tasks, stop tasks and revisit them as my schedule and energy level allow. Maybe this will drive me completely insane or, just maybe, I will find that buzzing happily from one flower to another is my new way of “bee-ing” productive!


  1. Keep your eye on the goal: finishing…no matter when. Plus, if it all times out right, you may finish more than one project in rapid succession. Think about how accomplished you would fell then!

    1. Very true! I also think I need to re-evaluate some of my tasks to see if they are truly necessary or if they are just self imposed busy work. Sometimes I can get bogged down in the details and lose sight of the reason I started a project in the first place.

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