Early to Rise

by Graham
“The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist.”
Ananda Coomaraswamy

I’m a musician. I have been since I was 9 and took up the violin in my school symphony and the youth symphony in my hometown. That’s not the real story though. There is no point at which you really start or stop being a musician. There are milestones of individual fluency or skill with the language and the tools which are externally identifiable. There are even more internal milestones for which there are no words to describe. There are also many ways to “be a musician”. To some it is a vocation, others a lifestyle, a world view, a social activity or a past time. The first category is the focus of my energy this year; Making a living from my musical output.This is going to take a handful of things which I’m not exactly an expert at and a plan to execute them. They all involve writing in one way or another. At the top level these are:

  1. Audience Development – I need more folks to be interested in The Sunrise Review
  2. Performance Opportunities – This is related to #’s 1&3 on both sides of their respective equations. 
  3. Funding Development – It’s going to take an influx of money to achieve my goals for the year
  4. Media Recognition -Radio interviews, blog posts, music reviews, etc. . 
  5. Team Growth – Doing everything by myself is technically possible, trained professionals are probably better and quicker for some tasks, though.

To accomplish these goals I have a framework to apply them to, American Heritage. I am traveling to World Heritage Sites throughout the US writing and recording music. It’s the focus of my activities and something I conceived of to provide a diverse range of opportunities for myself. It also presents some new challenges, not the least of which is the sheer scale of the project,  21 sites in over a dozen states (and one territory) some of them only accessible by air or sea (one only by sea). I started the project at the top of a volcano in Hawaii 14,000ft above sealevel. I’ve since visited Olympic National Park and Yosemite. I am currently on the East Coast where I intend to start recording the music I have written so far. I’ve started by contacting Independence Hall to arrange for a permit to record in the birthplace of America. They were less than enthusiastic, independent musicians are clearly of the unsavory ilk. If that doesn’t work out I will see about Mammoth Cave, or the Everglades. I hear Florida is nice this time of year. . .


  1. This is such an interesting project. I can only imagine the inspiration you gained at the top of the volcano. My vote for your next site is the Everglades as this would be the best time of year for it, unless you want to sweat and face the possibility of being carried away by huge Mosquitos!

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