Month: September 2013


So posting has been slow with new baby in the house and a work project in full-swing. For the sake of getting something down, here are my standings for the year. I’m feeling pretty good about the outcome so far. I’d like to post specifically about some of the projects, but that will have to wait until there is more time. Is there ever enough time?



red=done; yellow=in progress

A few words:

  • I’m working on a three-day getaway idea for the fall, but I have to get certain other member of my family on board.
  • I have been inspired in many ways this year, just not in the original intention of the resolution.
  • I have officially read more than four classics in the year, but still have to read the last book chosen by vote – Walden.
  • I have tried out way more than six new recipes, but haven’t really come up with a sixth ‘theme”.
  • I’m am making an effort to spend more quality time with the husband and the oldest child. Those are on going and I will be posting soon. I may fall short of 12 here, but I think I feel pretty good about my efforts so far.
  • I forgot knitting required two hands – I’ve had half a hat since May. Six word stories are ongoing as I think of them. I am writing and editing a poem about my crazy neighbor. I am in the middle of a drawing project. I have a few more ideas for the rest of the year – maybe sewing, a one-night pottery session, a series of haikus. Open to more ideas as inspiration hits!

How are you doing on your resolutions this year?