New Year and New Experiments

01 January 14

Now that it is the end of January…welcome to the new year!

Last year I made some huge goals. Then life slowly crept in and ate up some of the time I would have used to accomplish them. All in all, I feel pretty good about what I achieved last year. And given that my philosophy with “resolutions” is to be forgiving, I view what I did do as a success and what I didn’t do as something to look forward to this year.

So, The New Year. Given the intensity of last year’s “list”, I decided to just use the blog this year as a place to reflect on and keep track of projects and experiments that arise throughout the year. That, of course, didn’t stop early January inquiries from friends, acquaintances, and my hair stylist: “Any resolutions this year?” Why do I feel like I need to explain when I say “no”? Maybe because it doesn’t always make for interesting small talk. Anyway, it got me thinking… As usual, I really did have some goals that I have set for myself. They just didn’t happen to time themselves with the turn of the new year.

So for now, here are some places I am already headed this year:

  • The Great Illness Battle: When the cold weather arrived and the first (and hopefully last) case of bronchitis weaseled its way into our house I pledged war on all viruses and bacteria. I HATE when my kid gets sick. I DREAD the baby getting sick because a) it sucks for him, b) it has the potential to totally ruin some really good sleep schedules that we’ve been working on together, and c) with our first guy, the first runny nose turned into three months of antibiotics and tubes in the ears. And, with two young kids, when one parent is stuck in bed (or SHOULD be in bed, but just can’t quite manage it) no one is happy.
  • Art times 10: Did that whole “I’ll make art for you” post travel around your Facebook feed? Basically, it was a pledge to the first ten respondents that you would make some art for them in the coming year. What? An excuse to get arty? I was sold. But wait, that means I have to follow through.
  • Anti-hypocrite: Basically, I roll my eyes at people blindly following trends because some social media guru told them to, but I’m just as guilty. I want to start looking into WHY “you shouldn’t have aluminum in your deodorant” or “elderberry syrup will help boost immunity”. Can I back up some of my choices with real science? Most of this research will involve health and wellness claims with a healthy dose of eco-friendliness on the side.

With 12 months in the year, I am sure many more projects will present themselves. More posts about all of the above to come.

So, what is your “resolution” plan this year?Interested in writing about it again/for the first time? Let me know.



  1. Hello Erin Darling! Yes, I am interested. And, like you, I am choosing to not beat myself up about how my resolution-action-momentum petered out a bit as 2013 matured and ripened. The good work I did along the way (and especially in the early half of the year) made for awesome catalyst sparks for so many wonderful and healthy changes in my life that are still be molded and tweaked as I figure them out. And that early work happened largely because you invited me to write about my resolutions on this blog. Thank you for that! So, now that I am moved into my new digs and trying to get settled, I am spending January trying to get organized for this shiny new year. I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

    PS: Elderberry has a very high vitamin C content, and aluminum has been linked to cancer, alzheimer’s and other diseases when absorbed by the body. Just a starting point for your research. I can’t wait to read what you uncover!


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