July: Save Some Money

Well, it seems I’ve dropped the ball a bit on my update this month. You can’t see it, but I’m blushing with embarrassment. But, to my credit, it’s been a very unusual four weeks, including a three week stint of a summer cold whose symptoms are still lingering in a very inconvenient way. So, hopefully, dear reader, you will forgive me.


As you may recall, last month’s resolution was to carve out days off of work and to actually not work on those days. It was a pretty easy resolution for me to keep. A couple months ago I had dabbled with taking on more workdays, and that proved to be just too much for me physically, so the lesson was learned … again. Now, despite sometimes wanting to make a little extra cash, I am unwilling to add extra workdays to my schedule. It’s just a personal boundary that I’m unwilling to breach.


So … let’s move on to July. It’s only appropriate since the month is already almost over, yeah?


July’s resolution is about saving some money. And while I’m not going to disclose the particulars of this resolution, I will let you in on the fact that I have been working on my budget pretty diligently of late. I am close to laying all the puzzle pieces together so I’m building up some savings on a regular basis. This may seem like a small feat, but I’ve never been good at saving, so it’s actually a big deal. There are several special purchases that I am saving for, at present, so it will be a little slow-going at first, but I’m optimistic. Plus, work is always much slower in the summer, so I am expecting things to get a lot easier come autumn.


In any case, I feel like I’m in a decent place in relation to my goals right now. Things aren’t perfect, but I’d never expect them to be. All I am hoping is that this resolution experiment will help me to make some good healthy progress on my life journey.


How about you? How’s your year progressing? Are you keeping resolutions? Breaking them? Rewriting them? Pretending they never existed in the first place?


Good luck, whatever your path!




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