Month: October 2014

August/September/October: Playing Catchup!!

Hello gentle readers! Many apologies for the extended absence. So much has been happening in my world, and I have been working very hard to remain unburied by it all. Sadly, that didn’t translate into my prioritizing the blog updates. Sometimes you just have to remove yourself and take care of your Self before you can jump back into the game, you know?

Anyway, here I am, and I’m going to jump straight in with my resolution progress reports for these three months past.

At my last writing, I was working with July’s resolution of “Saving Some Money.” It was going decently until I used my money to pay off all my debt, including an old forgotten debt that was marring my credit report. So, I’m back at Square 1. Actually, it’s more like Square 2, as I have a plan already in place for saving money every month. So, I’m on my way. And, as is one of my favorite personal mottoes: Slow and steady wins the race!

August’s resolution was to Be More Social. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t thinking about my resolutions during this month at all. However, I managed to keep this resolution nonetheless! I managed to make several dinner dates with friends as well as general social meetings with friends I don’t get to see in the course of my everyday life. And these meet-ups have continued through to the present, and will, hopefully, continue indefinitely. So, good on me!

In the month of September I was to Make Room For Some Kind of Self Care Every Week. Did I do it? Yes, actually. Once again, without actually paying any attention to my resolutions, I was subconsciously fulfilling them. (Yeah!) I have a standing weekly appointment with my acupuncturist. We do any combination of acupuncture, tui na massage therapy, and/or cupping every Tuesday. So, my resolution is covered. On top of that, however, I’ve also been trying to get more regular massage sessions as well as the odd facial service here and there. I’ve also been working in more yoga classes where I can be a student and practice rather than just teach. It’s wonderful. I’ve discovered two really wonderful studios in town – one where I have been practicing and already feel a kindred connection with the community of practitioners, and another where I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to attend some classes. I actually spent much of September on the treadmill and in my bedroom doing some muscular endurance, cardio, and flexibility training. Woot! However, as my body has been shifting these last several months, and continual working on concrete floors, walking on concrete sidewalks, and living at home with concrete floors, some of my old postural injuries have started reappearing. I consider this good progress – which may be strange for some folks to understand – but I am also taking things much easier right now as I try to work through these injuries in a holistic and safe way. All in all, a resolution met.

October’s resolution is to Volunteer At Least Once a Month. While I am very excited about this resolution, I am feeling like it’s not going to be met this month. I’m not even sure if it will be met this year, if I’m being really realistic with my Self. However! Regardless of what happens with this beautiful resolution this year, I will be recycling into 2015’s list. So, get ready for some good giving back soon. And even if I’m not able to actively do much volunteering right now, I am donating services to deserving organizations in the area, so I guess this might be a half-fulfilled resolution with a promise of more to come.

So, that’s got us up to date for now. How about you? Have you managed to keep any resolutions? Or have you evolved any resolutions to work in a better or more authentic way for you as you’ve grown this year? I’d love to hear your stories and experiences.

I’m hoping to carve out more time for writing in the last phase of this year, so keep checking back here and on my personal blog (Experiments In Bliss) for more news.

Have a beautiful Autumn, a happy Halloween, a powerful Samhain, and gorgeous Life of living your Light!