Month: July 2015

Resolution Roundup

Argh!  It’s July, already?!?  So much for regular monthly updates.  Luckily for me, that wasn’t one of my resolutions, so I don’t feel tooooo badly about it.  Still, it’s definitely time for a resolution roundup.  Here’s how I’m doing …

1.  Formally Observe the Wheel of the Year.

I’m happy to report that I’m still on point with this experiment.  I don’t always get to celebrate in the exact ways I would like, but, so far, I’ve celebrated every holiday in some way.  And it’s definitely making a beautiful impact on my life.  My connection with the Natural Order is deepening and I’m feeling much more attuned with my relationship to Spirit.

2.  Try Something New.

Just last month I got to take my very first stab at paddle boarding.  It was great fun!  (I’m also in the process of planning a visit to a SUP yoga class.)  I went to Belize – somewhere I’d never been before.  Since late winter, I’ve been exploring lots of new hiking trails here in Durham.  I’ve got more work to do on this experiment, but I’m feeling good about my progress so far.

3.  Start YouTube channel.

Still stalling on this one.  I’m hopeful, though.

4.  Save $.

I have so far been able to implement – and maintain – a regular contribution to savings.  Woo Hoo!  It’s not a super large contribution at present, but the initial challenge of the goal was to just create the habit.  So, I consider this a win!

5.  Volunteer.

Still need to make this one happen.

6.  Take a proper vacation.

DONE!  A week and a half in Placencia, Belize checked this experiment off the list.  Read about it here!

7.  Go fully raw LFHC vegan for one month.

I’m actually making great progress on this.  I am mostly eating LFHC raw vegan all the time now, with only very occasional exceptions for cooked vegan eats.  I already consider this a win, and I hope I will continue to make this way of eating my everyday lifestyle.  I originally was intending to do a 3-day intro stint on Banana Island, but I no longer feel this is a good option for me, so I’m dropping that piece of the resolution.

8.  Have a month of super-productivity (a la Tynan)

Well, this one is tricky.  I’ve certainly had productive runs during this year, but as yet have not managed to go a month being super productive.  I am still working toward that goal, though.  I am noticing benefits from even the short bursts of productive behavior.  Hopefully I can keep adding to the practice and grow it by year’s end.

9.  Be creative.

I feel like I’ve been quite creative in the kitchen lately.  Since I’ve been eating primarily low fat high raw vegan foods, I’ve had to get creative making seasonal dishes that are delicious, nutritious, filing, and pretty.  It’s a fun challenge.  I’m hoping to start a few more artistic/craftsy projects in the coming months, and will keep you posted on that progress.

10.  Write an ebook and sell it online.

I’ve got a partially written book on file.  However, I’m thinking I’m going to scrap it and start all over.  As with many things in my life, I think I’m making it more difficult than it needs to be by starting with a project with a too-large scope.  So, I’m thinking I am going to reconvene with a few smaller undertakings like, perhaps, a recipe book, or some smaller instructional guides as a way of getting my feet wet in this arena.  I’ll let you know what happens!

11.  Pay off debts (50%) by year’s end.

I’m feeling really good about this resolution.  I’ve already managed to pay off about a third of my debts already.  And I’ve made what I think is a pretty solid plan for paying off the rest (save, maybe, my car debt) by year’s end.  It’s astonishing how quickly debt can pile up when I’m not mindful about my spending.  It’s a challenge, but I am up to it!  Financial freedom, here I come … again!

12.  Reduce consumption/cost of living.

This has been an ongoing process all year long, and I’m still working with it.  It’s definitely a worthwhile effort that pays off in more than just financial savings.  I’m still hoping to do a proper write up of some of the things I’m learning and implementing.   It’s an exciting journey!

So, that’s my progress.  Of course, it’s not perfect.  But I’m pretty proud of where I am, nonetheless.  How about you?  Where are you with your resolutions?  What experiments have you been cooking up in your life?  I’d love to hear from you … just drop a line in the comments below.

Until next time … Happy experimenting!