3 Sisters Cafe

(Re)Connect 1 of 12: Anne and the King of Siam

By Erin

  • Explore some place new
  • Be inspired (x2)
  • Read a classic (x4)
  • Try a new recipe (x6)
  • (Re)connect (x12)
  • Get selfishly creative (x12)

I thought that (re)connecting would be a little bit more of an effort, but this one came together pretty easily. I think in the future it WILL be harder to keep up on this goal. There is a two year old at home (and another one due in May), which makes it hard for either parent to feel like we can spend significant time away from the family while the other one is home with the kid(s). Also not aiding our “going out” efforts is both adults’ enjoyment of keeping our bodies at home. One of us is more likely to want to “do SOMEthing” but in general, we both kind of feed off the other’s desire for family time. I suppose there are worse things. There are also different ways to “connect” which I will also be exploring through the year, so it’s not a hopeless resolution.

The first connection can strangely be summed up in the title of a movie:


Out of the blue and with very little thought, which is very unlike me, I invited my friend Anne out to lunch. This is somewhat significant because we are “the spouses.” It is the husbands’ work relationship that blossomed first and morphed into the two families becoming “family friends.” This is always tricky business because more often than not, I don’t usually warm up to many of the spouses or significant others in these situations. Who knows the psychology behind it, but in most cases I much prefer my husband’s friends. Instead, I am obligated to try my best with the other. Not so with Anne. We hit it off at first meeting and this was our first “date” without the husbands and kids. It was lovely to talk the whole time without the interruption of cutting up a child’s food, soothing a crying baby, or chasing down a runaway.


We (probably I) chose to go to my favorite restaurant: 3 Sisters Cafe. For those of you reading this from Indianapolis – if you haven’t been yet, go now. Get your body to Broad Ripple and bring your appetite.¬† Even if the items below seem strange for your tastes, you will find something just as delicious. (I’m always ready with recommendations, too!) Breifly, here is what I chose. (I borrowed photos from Amanda at namastewhile. It was just a coincidence that we had the same meal.)

The King of Siam sandwich is a warm pita topped with¬† hummus, spinach, and a cranberries-apples-almonds–fava bean-onion grain pilaf. It’s impossible to eat cleanly and makes my growing pregnant belly happy. Add fruit on the side and it’s better. Follow it up with a blueberry goat cheese pie and you’ve just consumed heaven in under an hour!


Thanks for the lovely Sunday afternoon, Anne. Despite the rain.