dating new friends

An Afternoon Out

by Erin

  • Explore someplace new
  • Be inspired
  • Read a classic
  • Try a new recipe
  • (Re)connect (connection 3 of 12)
  • Get selfishly creative



Relationships are so important but can be easily neglected. I especially have to work¬† hard to make sure I don’t get wrapped up in my insular life of family and home. I get very focused on my present environment and have to make a conscious effort to break out.

This weekend I was finally able to get out and about again. After three months of attempting to get together with CT, we finally committed to an event and a date. It was as simple as frozen yogurt and a movie, but still a refreshing change of pace. I probably would have napped and cleaned otherwise.

Like my first connection in January, this was the first time that CT and I had done something social. We met in grad school and had always had good conversations at school and, later, in professional settings. Now was our chance to change the conversation. Over coconut frozen yogurt we talked work (just a little) but easily veered to more personal topics. Then it was off to the movie where we later marveled at how Maggie Smith, though on our radar for close to 20 years now, seems to always be the same age. (In case you are wondering, she is almost 80 now.)

I always have a little anxiety when hanging out with a person for the first time. It is so much like dating (without the added stress of worrying about the goodnight kiss).¬† Will I be interesting enough? Will they? But, in this case, if CT agrees, I would be ready for another “date” anytime!