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Pen and Paper

by Erin

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“The word that is heard perishes, but the letter that is written remains.” – Anonymous


FACT #1: I look forward to getting the mail everyday.

FACT #2: More often than not, I am disappointed when I return from the mailbox. Typically, 90% of may handful goes into the recycling bin. The other 10% would be bills and account statements. So why do I still anxiously await the mailman’s arrival?

QUESTION #1: Is there such thing as mail Karma? If I sent more letters, would I receive more? From past experience, the answer is no.


In 2008, I started writing letters to my Grandmother once a month in an attempt to give her something to look forward to in her mailbox. I kept it up through grad school. Since the birth of Kid, I probably write four times a year. In 2009, I participated in a letter writing experiment during the month of April. The group goal was to write a letter or note everyday.  I wrote about half of what I intended. This month, I took time to reconnect through words. I didn’t take on anything as epic as committing to a once-a-month or daily note.  There were four people that needed to hear from me so they did…finally.  I wrote an overdue letter to my grandmother, a long thank you note, and two e-mails to old friends.


I was reminded how much effort it takes to write. The pressure is a little less present with e-mail as you can easily and instantaneously erase and edit. To hand write letters is a different beast. Thoughts have to be carefully crafted before you put them down. Spelling has to be in place, too, otherwise the recipient sees your error (or corrected error) in plain sight. It’s a tricky business, letter-writing. Maybe that is why my mailbox is still so boring.

I went searching through the internet to find out what others had to say about writing letters. Here are some of my finds:


When was the last time you wrote a letter?

When was the last time you received one?