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Rebalancing … Again

There is a beauty in your presence. 


That’s what my Yoga Tea bag had to offer me this morning.  And I really must confess that I do not know how those freakin’ Yogi Tea people know exactly what message I need at tea time.  It’s uncanny, really. 


So, at last writing, I had been pretty good about committing to my five resolutions for May, and had just added five new resolutions for June.  Well … I must confess that I did not do so well with those new resolutions.  In fact, June seemed to be a month of chaos where I found myself taking those proverbial two steps backwards.  With every day that passed in June I seemed to be falling a little more behind … in my schedule, in my commitment to my Self, in my thought patterns, you name it.  I could see the snowball effect beginning to take shape, but I was also feeling more and more fatigued.  Geez Louise!  How am I supposed to get all this done if I haven’t got any energy to do it?


I began wondering what could be causing me to be fatigued at this level.  Then, as is often the case, paying attention lead me to the information I was seeking.  I became aware of the fact that I was working a lot, but also working later hours.  I would go into work at around 1:30 or 2p, and be there until 9p on many nights.  Then I’d walk home, and be really tired and hungry and not feel like making a proper meal (and, really, it’d be too late to make a proper meal), so I’d end up snacking on whatever was convenient.  While my snack food go-tos are much healthier than those of the average bear, they are still simple comfort foods – the sweets and salties that Mama Nature offers up and that I can concoct from Her bounty.  So, I’d be eating a lot of fruit, and some plantain chips (which are like crack to me, I admit), frozen fruit bars, and, when it really got out of hand, pints of Talenti gelato.  (So good!!)  It didn’t take long to realize that I was having a candidiasis flare up.  All those simple sugars were wreaking havoc on my body.  That was the source of the horrid fatigue!  So, I’ve started taking my probiotics again, and that is helping me heal enough to have some better judgment and will power for trying to reintroduce balance back into my daily routine.  And it’s working!


I had begun to let my yoga and meditation practice slip a couple of days, and now I’m back to accepting no excuses for missing my practice.  I am changing my work schedule around a bit to try to keep from working such late hours.  I’m also trying to remember to take some healthy snacks with me to work so I won’t be so hungry and tired when my shifts are over.  And I’m trying to remember to pay attention always. 


So, now I’m back on track.  And rather than try to come up with some new resolutions for July, I’m just going to try to get back to those ten previously listed.  I’ve re-written them below in case you’d like to try adding them to your routine, too.  If you do, I would love to hear how they’re working for you!


Thanks for reading!  I hope your resolutions are serving you well!









1.  Meditate daily.

2.  Practice yoga asana daily.

3.  Eat clean.  (No emotional eating.  Real, planned meals.)

4.  Do something creative every week.

5.  Drink 4 liters water daily.

6.  Go to bed by 11p every night.  Wake up by 8a every morning.*

7.  Exfoliate daily.

8.  Visit with a friend(s) once a week.

9. Spend at least one hour each week researching work-related travel opportunities.

10.  Spend at least 30 minutes daily working on my business.  (CEUs, online research, book study, website planning, class planning, workshop planning, etc. etc.)


*This was 6a, but I just realize that I require more sleep than that!


318: The Final Days

by Erin

  • Explore someplace new
  • Be inspired
  • Read a classic
  • Try a new recipe
  • (Re)connect
  • Get selfishly creative (project 2 of 12)

Reflections on this set of 3:18 activities…

1. There is quite a variety of activity going on in my life and my afternoons show it. There is a balance of time for myself, time with family, and time for work. Balance is good.

2. The end of the month was much more about preparing for baby’s arrival the earlier in the month. I have entered the “nesting and resting” phase.

3. More photos in this set featured less what I was actually seeing when the clock struck 3:18 and were more representations of what I was doing at the time.

March 21.

Curtain: because sometimes it takes you all day to make it into the shower


March 22.

Catch-up: e-mail marathon


March 23.

Happy Birthday!: How about some homemade “Twinkies”?


March 24.

Bleeding: my brackets are sore


March 25.

Too pretty to work: snow, puzzle, and mint tea


March 26.

Meal planning: time for groceries again


March 27.

To do list: paint bathroom

015 (2)

March 28.

Above the drum circle: client meeting


March 29.

Visualization: practicing for a calm birth

028 (3)

March 30.

Travel North: family celebration


March 31.

Recharge: rest the body

026 (2)

In case you missed it, here are the previous ten days.