An Overdue Update

Sorry for the ‘quick and dirty’ version, but I’ll work on my timeliness!


Apologies! I’ve been tardy again with my blog updates. It’s been a mad, mad, mad, mad world over here in Melanie-Land lately. But lots of good is growing, and progress is being made. I have made some new decisions, put some plans in action and am feeling really happy about where I’m heading. In fact, as is my wont, it’s a challenge to temper my impatience, and to enjoy the journey of the process of making these new dreams happen. More on the bigger news later in this post. For now, let’s do a check-in with the annual experiments (resolutions), shall we?

So, I’ve managed to make a dent in the creativity department (Experiment no. 9). A friend asked me to help do the costuming for a short film she’s directing. I was tempted to say no, as I wasn’t sure how much time I had to offer…

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